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KARANGTENGAH, Kaliwungu- A workshop about the danger of narcotics had been done in Karangtengah village. This workshop was held by the Student Study Service Team 2 of Diponegoro University, and it was addressed to the Youth Organization of RT 04 RW 2. Presented by Muhammad Eriyanto from Faculty of Law, he managed to deliver all subjects perfectly. His workshop discussed the danger of narcotics, narcotics in general, kinds of narcotics, and the anticipations to prevent youth generation from narcotics.  It is clear for everyone that narcotics are dangerous if they are not properly used, therefore, this kind of workshop is necessary in order to build our guards up about narcotics. The workshop was held on Saturday, July 28th 2018 started at 19.30PM at Al-Warid mosque. Fifteen participants of youth organization attended and had a care to it excitedly. Q and A session was held to end the workshop. There were two participants asked about the anticipation to prevent drugs and the usage of drugs in medical treatment. This workshop went for an hour and ended with taking pictures together with all the participants of youth organization. Aprilia Ambarwati

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