KARANGTENGAH- A design graphic training had been held at Al-Warid mosque of RT 04/RW 02 in Karangtengah village, district Kaliwungu, Kendal. This activity was held by Student Study Service team 2 of Diponegoro University on Saturday, July 28th 2018. It was started at 21.00PM and led by Arga Adyatama. He persuaded the members of youth organization to try out the CorelDraw X7 software to train their ability to use software by making the stamp design of the village. The activity began with the introduction of user interface in CorelDraw, thus, the participants could identify the toolbars and the menu on CorelDraw easily. Next, it was continued by making a stamp design for at least 45 minutes. Each participant was given a laptop in making the stamp and Arga led them at the front through his presentation. All participants excitedly joined the event. Everyone hoped that the training of design graphic could increase the creativity and computer skills. (Tita Anggraeni)

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